Business Process Automation Hack: How Hubble Saved $70k

Jun 6, 2024

Business process automation hack - ritz7
Business process automation hack - ritz7


  1. How Business Process Automation Delivered Results

  2. Examples of Business Process Automation (BPA)

  3. Financial Impact of Business Process Automation

  4. Benefits of Business Process Automation

  5. Why BPA is Crucial for SMEs?

  6. 5 BPA Hacks for SMEs

Business process automation (BPA) has become an invaluable asset for companies looking to improve efficiency, reduced costs, and scale operations. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a subset of BPA that automates how humans interact with software at work.


How Business Process Automation Delivered Results

Hubble HQ, a SaaS management company, leveraged intelligent automation to achieve over $70,000 in bottom-line savings per year. Their success demonstrates why small and medium enterprises desperately need to adopt business process automation.

The Challenges Hubble HQ Faced

As a growing company, Hubble HQ struggled with time-consuming manual and complex business processes that sapped productivity from high-value tasks. Employees wasted significant time transferring data between systems, filling out redundant forms, and tackling repetitive administrative work. These mundane activities drained productivity levels and proved costly from financial and opportunity cost perspectives.

Additionally, as the company's client roster expanded exponentially, its existing processes and systems failed to scale effectively. The amount of manual work needed rose sharply, yet hiring an extra headcount to keep pace would be an expensive proposition. Hubble HQ needed to find ways to boost output and efficiency dramatically to support its growth.

Where Business Process Automation Helped

To address these pressing issues, Hubble HQ adopted a business process management (BPM) approach, leveraging BPA as a key tool. They implemented intelligent automation to handle repetitive, rules-based tasks that bogged down human workers.

Examples of Business Process Automation (BPA)

Some examples of automated processes include:

  1. Data transfers and filing across business systems

  2. Customer onboarding procedures

  3. Invoice processing

  4. Order status updates and shipping notifications

  5. Appointment confirmations and reminders

  6. Expense report creation

Automating these mundane responsibilities delivered quantifiable time and money savings. It also allowed Hubble's team to focus on high-value, strategic initiatives that drive real business results.

Financial Impact of Business Process Automation

 Within a year of adoption, Hubble HQ's investment in process automation had already netted over $70,000 in bottom-line savings.

 Specifically, intelligent automation enabled the company to:

  1. Save $25,000 in labor costs by eliminating the equivalent of 1 full-time employee's workload

  2. Reallocate $30,000 worth of productivity (500 employee hours) towards revenue-generating tasks

  3. Avoid $15,000 in potential customer churn through better service

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Benefits of Business Process Automation

Beyond Cost Savings: Benefits Hubble Gained from BPA

In a competitive market, efficiency is king. Hubble HQ, a leader in hybrid workplace solutions, knew this. They leveraged business process automation (BPA) to streamline administrative tasks and business processes. This freed up business users to focus on higher-value activities. Business rules were automated, ensuring consistent execution. Human intervention was minimized, but not eliminated, for situations requiring customer service expertise. This data-driven approach not only reduced costs but also unlocked a wave of benefits for Hubble HQ. Let's explore how BPA boosted their efficiency, customer satisfaction, scalability, and competitive edge.


  1. Improved efficiency

 Repetitive or manual tasks that once took 15-30 minutes could now execute within seconds. This allowed the team to handle more customer requests and business volume without expanding headcount.

  1. Higher output and scalability 

To achieve their business goals of increased output and scalability, Hubble HQ implemented intelligent business automation, effectively augmenting human capabilities on a 24/7 basis. This improved scalability enabled the high growth its investors expected.

  1. Better customer experiences

 With bots handling repetitive administrative tasks behind the scenes, Hubble's team could provide faster, more personalized service to customers. Higher customer satisfaction led to improved retention and referrals.

  1. Competitive advantages

Hubble HQ gained advantages over rivals still relying on legacy manual processes. By leading in efficiency and customer experiences, they boosted revenues.

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Why BPA is Crucial for SMEs?

Why BPA is Crucial for SMEs? - ritz7

The successes Hubble HQ experienced highlight the importance of intelligent process automation, especially for small and medium enterprises looking to compete and grow. Specifically, automating repetitive back-office tasks provides SMEs with:

  1. Revenue Growth Opportunities

When talented staff waste time on mundane responsibilities, companies miss revenue opportunities. Intelligent automation alleviates this by allowing workers to focus on high-ROI initiatives.

  1. Cost Savings

Automating manual processes reduces operational costs significantly by eliminating human labor expenses. It also reduced costs related to errors and delays. 

  1. Scalability 

With intelligent bots augmenting human capabilities, SMEs can scale to serve more customers without inflating headcount costs proportionally. This leap in output allows smaller companies to grow.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experiences

Customers expect fast, personalized services. Automation streamlines processes to help SMEs meet these demands profitably. The improved experiences also foster loyalty and referrals.

  1. Competitive Edge

By leveraging intelligent automation, SMBs can operate faster and more efficiently than peers still relying on manual processes. Being an early adopter provides competitive advantages.  

  1. Seamless Growth

As SMEs grow revenues rapidly, layers of manual workload drag them down. Intelligent workflow automation seamlessly handles growing volumes without proportional cost increases.

  1. Risk Mitigation

Process workflows automation boosts compliance, reduces human error risks, and improves data security. All this results in lower business risk exposure.

For these reasons, adopting automation is no longer optional. It represents a competitive necessity to avoid disruption amidst Industry 4.0. The time is now for forward-thinking SMEs to explore how intelligent automation can transform cost structures and unlock scalable business growth.

5 BPA Hacks for SMEs

1. Batching and Auto-Scheduling Data Transfers

Hack: Instead of manually transferring data between systems throughout the day, consolidate and schedule automated data transfers for specific times (e.g., at night). This reduces human error and frees up employee time.

2. Streamlined Customer Onboarding with Automation

Hack: Develop an automated onboarding workflow that collects customer information, sends welcome emails, and triggers account creation – all with minimal manual intervention.

3. Intelligent Invoice Processing with Auto-Parsing

Hack: Utilize BPA tools with intelligent document processing (IDP) capabilities. These tools can automatically extract data from invoices, reducing manual data entry and speeding up payment processing.

4. Automated Order Status & Shipping Updates

Hack: Integrate your order management system with a communication platform to automatically send order status updates and shipping notifications to customers via email or SMS.

5. Automated Appointment & Expense Report Reminders

Hack: Implement automated appointment and expense report reminders via email or calendar invites. This ensures employees and clients stay on top of deadlines and reduces missed appointments or late expense submissions.

Therefore, small and medium businesses urgently need to embrace business process management (BPM) to leverage automation effectively.


Hubble HQ's success in utilizing business process automation software to drive over $70,000 in annual savings highlights the immense potential for SMEs. By deploying intelligent bots to handle repetitive tasks, smaller companies can reduce costs, boost outputs, scale smoothly, and focus their talented teams on high-value responsibilities that maximize revenues.

In a digital landscape where customers expect seamless, personalized, and fast experiences, process automation represents more than efficiency gains. It enables smaller players to profitably meet rising customer expectations - thereby fostering loyalty and growth. Businesses that fail to explore intelligent automation risk stagnating or being disrupted by more agile competitors.

If you want to know, how you can apply business process automation in your SME like Hubble HQ, then book a 30-minute free strategy call with us.